One feels a great ruffling of feathers and desire to stroke one’s beard sagely, when one has just set up bind, postfix and dovecot, fought through poor documentation and idiotic default settings to achieve maildir folders and local delivery into same.

Next: will postfix accept mail from outside the domain?

Wonderful stuff, free software. (I steadfastly refuse to use one of the politically correct acronyms such as FLOSS (Free / Libre Open Source Software) – the venerable Mr. Stallman coined the original term, and it’s understandable as is, without having to invent some other term because the great unwashed can’t change their understanding of “free”).

I can see, however, why people would choose Exchange. I’ve been through the pain of setting up a mail system for a company and my own domain (with various versions of Sendmail on Red Hat 4.2 to 7.3 – now there’s complexity for the sake of maintaining that beardy high-priesthood aura). I can quite easily see how people would choose a mouse over Postfix makes things a bit easier (although I saw some mention of UUCP in a config file, come on, people – who still uses UUCP?!) … but it still requires a guru. Which I’m not – haven’t really got time to get deep into these things.

And then a sharp jolt from the wallet reminded me that to get Exchange (for a very small domain) would still require some exorbitant MS OS and client access licenses. Vive la revolution…