On the train this morning, a man took a call on his ‘phone. He must have had the speaker turned well up, because everyone in the vicinity could hear the conversation. Normally when this happens on commuter trains, people tut reproachingly, and stare menacingly at the offender. After all, we’re British, and thou shalt not speak. Especially when people are trying to sleep.

However, this call was different. It was delightful to listen to – the man’s young family had ‘phoned him to wish him a happy birthday. Each of his four poppets cheerfully and loudly sang “Happy Birthday” to him, at length. He was very polite, and thanked each of them – I couldn’t see him, so couldn’t tell whether he was acutely embarrassed by it. I could, however, see many people round him, and they were all smiling at him, and chuckling amongst themselves. One of the nearby men looked over in my direction, as I was smiling too, and whispered “Should we join in?!” Being British, we didn’t.

The call ended after he’d thanked his children, and told the family that he loved them all.

It lifted my dark mood, and I’m still smiling now.