You know you have an obscure taste in music when Gracenote doesn’t have the track info for an album released last year… so, track info dutifully submitted.. a first for me, methinks…

In this case, Eyes of the World by the very excellent Darwin’s Radio (See their website for details).

Produced by Max Read, engineer at The Lodge recording studio, Northampton – better known (to me at least) as The Enid’s studio (See The Enid Website) – it’s a prog rock masterpiece. I found about it from the studio’s website, listened to some of the sample tracks, and was instantly earwormed. Highly recommended. Hie thee over to Amazon and buy one. An outstanding album of staggering wonderfulness. It might even make one aroused. Ahem.

At around 7:50ish into the epic Erase… Rewind, there’s a passage that reminds me of something, and I’m blowed if I can remember what. I think it’s something off Pornograffiti by Extreme… but the memories fade…

And talking of things that involve music, and getting aroused… in the same week, I find that The Enid have a new lineup now that Robert John Godfrey has returned to his music, and will be touring in the winter (quite possibly the most splendid antidote to Seasonal Affective Disorder I could think of) and that It Bites have reformed (although not with Francis Dunnery) and will be touring (although it seems that Dick Nolan didn’t turn up for a recent rehearsal and concert…)

O frabjous joy!