It was only a matter of time, I suppose – first Quicken UK, and now Microsoft Money has been killed off.

Apparently you can get comparable products from your bank. My experience of my own bank’s offerings leads me to differ on this.

I have some concerns about storing all my data in the cloud, especially important sensitive information – I’d much prefer to have this data on my own hard disk, backed up, and encrypted.

Ubiquitous Internet access is almost here, although it’s still not as resilient as I’d like – network outage is still a problem, and we’re still contending for bandwidth. Standards-compliant high-performance browsers are here, and for more performance, there’ll be NaCl soon enough (if you think AJAX is fast, try Facebook Chat!) – however, I feel there’s still a place for the downloaded, desktop application. 

This is one application area where Open Source is an ideal fit. Intuit and Microsoft decided that it wasn’t cost effective to continue producing their products in the face of the economic downturn, and web applications from banks. Open Source however is not so affected by the downturn – my itch is still present, despite the economy. Not much we can do about the web applications – they’ll be developed, and eventually will have reasonable performance. In the meantime, now is the time to fill the hole produced by the exiting incumbents in this area.

Watch this space…..