The words in the classes of MiniMiser, from Wordle

A picture really does tell a thousand words. These are the words in the classes of the current version of the MiniMiser framework – only the main code, not the unit tests (it’d look very skewed by the word ‘Test’, if I included those!).

Generated via:

find . -name "*.java" -print |

With a bit of perl:

while () {
  my $class = $_;
  $class =~ s-^.*/--;
  $class =~ s-\\.java$--;
  $class =~ s/([A-Z])/ $1/g;
  $class =~ s/(^| )[A-Z]( |$)//g;
  $class =~ s-^ +--;
  $class =~ s- +$--;
  print "$class\\n";

And the output pasted into the very wonderful Wordle.