On Saturday 31st October 2009, I went to see The Enid at the Elgiva Theatre in Chesham – the first concert I’d been to for many years, and was completely blown away by their performance. I saw them many years ago in Stoke at the Wheatsheaf – a venue far too small for their epic music.

The Elgiva was a great venue; not packed, although some would have preferred there to have been seating. The sound was excellent, and their performance was tight, performing older pieces as well as the latest ones.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock since 1973, The Enid are undoubtedly the absolute masters of their genre, ambient, symphonic, euphoric rock – in fact, it’s difficult for me to characterise them, as they’re unique. They’re progressive, but as Robert John Godfrey points out, they’re not prog rock. Their music isn’t like anything else I typically listen to – I have many favourite musicians and groups, but The Enid transcend that – their music is on a scale that could provide the soundtrack to a life. I’d wholeheartedly agree with Tommy Vance who stated that Robert John Godfrey is probably one of the finest composers this country has ever had.

An old poster I had from one of the Stoke gigs stated “It is the mark of a closed mind that knows what it likes, and likes what it knows.” – if you are interested in expanding your musical tastes in directions you never knew existed, check them out.

When I’m on my desert island, could I take my Enid collection?