After almost 2 years of development work, I have decided to release my Java-based OSS database app framework “early” – it’s going to be very alpha for a while. I was hoping to continue polishing it until “done” – but that could take some time.

I’ll be having a regular release schedule – and have decided on the following dates for the forthcoming releases:

  • Spring Equinox – March 20th
  • Beltane – April 30th
  • Midsummer – June 21st
  • Lughnasadh / Lammas – August 1st
  • Autumn Equinox – September 20th
  • Samhain (Halloween) – October 31st
  • Yule / Winter Solstice – December 20th
  • Imbolc – February 1st

They’re the dates of Pagan festivals, in case you were wondering.

The website for this project, and several other larger ones is, which I’ll be livening up a little over the course of the month leading to Release 0.1.

There are pages to write, mailing lists to set up, copyleft headers to strew hither and yon, BitBucket repositories to populate.