I’ve started using the Qumana offline blog editor to prepare blog posts. I’m using version 3.2.4 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I’m impressed so far. Here are some initial thoughts on it.

I’d considered ScribeFire, I used it previously, but was not impressed. I’d hoped that it might have improved recently, but a recent rewrite received something of a panning in reviews, hence, the search for something better. Qumana seems to do what I need.

It syncs up well with WordPress; I now have some of my earlier posts on the laptop.

It doesn’t seem to like the apostrophe in my blog title, showing it as a HTML Entity – bloggers do use apostrophes, you know; some of us, correctly. It does the same with categories, one has an ampersand which it shows as &. Hmmmm.

It gets the funky foreign letters in BoøkWürm correct; and even inserted that as a hypertext link to that category. As I mouse over the link in the editor, its address doesn’t show anywhere. I’d have to switch to HTML Source View.

I can’t seem to add categories from it. That’s a pain. It does allow me to add tags though, which link through to Technorati

It’s written in Java. This has pros and cons. Portability is good. There are small resize and toolbar layout problems; it has that certain Javaesque je ne sais quoi. I know from my own Open Source Mac OS X endeavours that making Java programs look beautiful is hard, and on the Mac, even harder. (I use Quaqua; Qumana uses JGoodies Looks, which I use on Windows and Linux)

The editor is very nice – offering WYSIWYG and HTML Source View. It has basic formatting options: fonts, underline/bold/italic/strikethrough, alignment, lists, blockquotes, indent/outdent, images and links. Just enough; I don’t want anything fancy. Word count would be useful. The spell checker is useful, but I can’t change the language from American English to British English.

I won’t be making use of its Ad feature. The Blog Manager allows multiple blogs. Could be useful 🙂

In all, a nice application – and it seems reliable so far.