Earlier posts discussed the distributed microblogging system I’m building, why I’m writing it, how you would use it, and how it works. In this post, I’ll describe the tools & technologies I’m using to write it, and how you can get involved. It’ll take a long time to write, given the amount of time I can devote to it, given life, family, study and day job, so I’d be very happy to receive help!

The software is written in Scala, and its code is currently hosted in a Mercurial repository on BitBucket. I build it with Maven, write it in IntelliJ IDEA, and use test-driven development as rigorously as possible. It is released under the Apache License, v2.0. Installable software is available for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard or greater), Windows (XP or greater), and Ubuntu Linux (10.04 or greater). I use Software Crafting as my approach, apprentices are always welcome!

The main technologies I’m using are JXTA for the peer-to-peer communications (of which, more later), Play for the client REST API, Bootstrap, Jquery and HTML5 for the web UI. Storage is handled by an embedded H2 database, with my CommonDb Framework for data access.

The rough architectural plan is that on top of JXTA, I intend to have an anti-corruption messaging/asynchronous RPC layer feeding into the domain model, this being isolated from JXTA. Group membership may be handled by an implementation of the Paxos consensus algorithm. Replication is to be handled by a simple gossip protocol, both for the updates to the directory, and between peers in a message replica set.

Interested in contributing to the project? Contact me via this blog, or via @mattgumbley or @devzendo on Twitter; you can find my mail details on the Contact page.

To be continued…