Surely, there’s something to report this month?

Well Parachute is making progress, I now have a version that runs on Windows 10, with some small niggles. It’s building on macOS, Windows 10, CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 1604. Now working on the final packaging builds that’ll bring together the emulator, assembler, example program (which is the essential ‘Hello World’ in assembler) and eForth into a single distributable package for each platform.

I’m also starting to read up on theory relating to the Transputer, occam, and the process algebra it’s based on, Communicating Sequential Processes. More on this (a series of rough notes on the papers and books I’m reading) later.

The magnetic loop is still waiting for me to work out how to do brazing, to connect the copper pipe loop to the variable capacitor in a manner that keeps resistance to a minumum.

The digital modes transceiver keeps knocking around in my head, although I did find an archived copy of the Elektor issue that describes the LUFA library. It’s

In terms of goals, my CW goal is utterly shot. I’m still keeping up with the Bulgarian Station Blagovestnik’s special event stations – I’ve managed to contact all of them so far, including this month’s via some extremely shaky CW (I must pick up CW practice again.)

I have various other fitness/study goals (abstract algebra, category theory, stoicism) and commitments that are noodling along slowly… but finding time is always the difficult bit.

One thing that’s being stuck at solidly is meditation: I’m making time for it every day (with a couple of unavoidable exceptions). As Voltaire said, “The more you read without thinking, the more you think you know a lot but the more you meditate, the more you see that you know very little.”

I know so very, very little.